Ericsson Cycling Kit

Hi everyone,

Here’s an opportunity to buy the official Ericsson (TM) Cycling Kit.
The webshop is open until last of April when there is no possibility to order the models anylonger.

Do as follows:

  1. Please visit website:
  2. Register under your Ericsson e-mail address.
  3. Select clothes to your liking (please note there is a section for men, women and accessories!)
  4. Delivery address: your Ericsson office (not home address).
  5. Pay with your preferred payment process
  6. After website timer is on 0 you will not be able to order anymore!
  7. Production will start and will be delivered to Ericsson office (approx. 6-7 weeks). Every person will get their own package with their name on it.
  8. Happy cycling!!