Schedule and membership – Korpen classes

Free classes wk 3-26 2020

Mondays 11:30-12:15. No membership required, but you still need to book your place for each class. View instructor and class schedule here

Korpen classes wk 2-25 2020 at Ericsson

Monday16.30Yoga for non-flexible men
(and others) 60 min
Kristian H
Wednesday11.30 Bodypump 60 min
Martin F
Thursday11:15Hatha Yoga 60 minThomas R
(High Intensity Interval Training)
45 min

Jessica F

For Collegium schedule, see Korpen’s web page.

No classes on public holidays or May 22.
For class descriptions, click here

Korpen Prices 2020:

January and August start off with two free try-out weeks. Outside of that, you are also welcome to one free try-out class. Book here or call 013-342 00 70.

Buy your membership via Ericsson for me through your ”health account”. Ericsson covers 65% of the cost (Ericsson pays up to SEK 5000 in total per year).

MembershipYour costEricsson´s
Yearly Gym1 2952 4053 700Gym membership +
classes at Collegium & 
Six months7351 3652 100Classes at Ericsson
Punch card31558590010 classes Collegium &

Additionally, you need a yearly personal Korpen membership. Total cost for that is SEK 100.

The punch cards are valid for 12 months from purchase.

EACIF membership

We kindly ask all class participants to join EACIF every year. Thereby we are able to request purchase of new equipment etc.