Cricket Section

Hey Every one, welcome to a one hour of Indoor Cricket. Bat, Balls and Wickets are pre-arranged. Just come with your sporty spirit and enjoy. Welcome to bring one guest each.

 Following is the format:

10 Min – Warm -up Stretches
20 Min – Motions Cricket – Alphabetic order, each players plays 3 overs of random bowling and in reverse Alphabetic Order each player bowls three overs.
30 Min – Double Wicket Cricket – Match between two teams.
5 Min – Sit down, reflect on statistics and ideas.

Planned Playing weeks: Weeks 11, 13, 15, 16, 17

 The actual week day and time to play is to be informed later but we are aiming for Monday Evening 1600. Upcoming session 14th March 2016 1600-1700hrs.

 Please register a week in advance so we know how many will be playing each week.

 Long Term Vision: Promote the game of Cricket in Ericsson, Build and train the dream cricket team that can take on divisional level competitive cricket.

 Please contact Muhammad Ziad or Roohul Halim for detail”