Ericsson Cycling Kit

Hi everyone,

Here’s an opportunity to buy the official Ericsson (TM) Cycling Kit.
The webshop is open until last of April when there is no possibility to order the models anylonger.

Do as follows:

  1. Please visit website:
  2. Register under your Ericsson e-mail address.
  3. Select clothes to your liking (please note there is a section for men, women and accessories!)
  4. Delivery address: your Ericsson office (not home address).
  5. Pay with your preferred payment process
  6. After website timer is on 0 you will not be able to order anymore!
  7. Production will start and will be delivered to Ericsson office (approx. 6-7 weeks). Every person will get their own package with their name on it.
  8. Happy cycling!!


Welcome to sign up for “ERIADEN 2018” at the brand new Kviberg sports area the 22/9!

Here is the link to the official invitation with schedule (unfortunately in Swedish) Invitation Eriaden 2018.

The event is targeting everyone who wants to enjoy a competition or two in good spirit with colleagues from Linköping, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Germany.

The disciplines to compete wihtin are:
* Table tennis
* Boule (yes, everyone can do Boule!)
* Badminton
* Bowling
* Orienteering
* Mountain bike
*  Soccer
* Floor ball (3 person/team)
* Trail running
* Beach volleyball (New!)

There will be a common bus from Linköping Friday afternoon the 21st. Hotel and food for two days will be provided, as well as a gala dinner after the competitions on Saturday evening. The bus will return to Linköping on Sunday morning.

The price is heavily sponsored by Ericsson centrally, so you only need to pay 900 SEK for the whole weekend (travel, food, party, hotel Fri-Sun all included).

More about Kviberg is found here: .

Last date for preliminary signing up is 19th June with the possibility to do adjustments until late 29th August.
Payment is due 29th August.


Don’t hesitate – Sign up by sending a mail to: Henrik Lindkvist





Årsmöte 2018

Välkomna till EAC IF årsmöte den 14 febr kl 16.30 – 18.00.

Dagordning, (finns i stadgarna)

  • Verksamhetsberättelse 2017,
  • Resultat- och balansräkning, (presenteras på mötet)
  • Valberedningens förslag (presenteras på mötet)
  • Förslag på budget 2018 (presenteras på mötet)
  • Inkomna motioner (presenteras på mötet)

Motioner skall vara inne senast 29 januari

Cross country skiing at Vreta SkiCenter

It is winter season and EACIF can proudly present “VIP-cards 2017-18” for cross country skiing on  Vreta SkiCenter. This means that when bringing one of the cards,  you can go cross-country skiing for free on the following ski trails:

  • Vreta Kloster Golf Course
  • Vreta loop
  • Olstorp

The VIP-cards are booked online at:

The VIP-cards are placed in the KB-building at the old reception, next to the golf-cards.

Check  out the trials at . Scroll down for the track status!
During 2017 the track opened for skiing the 20th of December.

The card booking rules are the following:

A card can be used by one person per day.

– The cards are to be used for members of EACIF.

– One active reservation per member at a given time. It’s not allowed to book several dates at the same time.

– Exception to the following rule: Non-booked cards after 16:00 the day before can be booked by someone who has already booked a card.

– Booked cards shall be back at Ericsson no later than 08:00 the next day.

– During weekends you are free to arrange your own handover of the VIP-cards yourselves to the following colleague, possibly without the need to return the cards to E-son Friday or Saturday evening.
The person bringing the card from the E-son premises is as always responsible for the card being back in place at Ericsson.

Please enjoy!

/EACIF through Henrik Lindkvist

Mjärdevistafetten 2017

Here’s an invitation to Mjärdevistafetten:

EACIF members do not need to pay for the registration!

Please do as follows before 5/9:

  • Join a group of four and choose which class to participate in.
  • Decide uponClass : [Women, Men, Mixed]
    Teamname :
    Team member # 1 :
    Team member # 2 :
    Team member # 3 :
    Team member # 4 :
  • Add contact info to the team coach
    Team choach :
    E-mail address:
  • Inform Henrik  ( with the information
  • Henrik will handle the registration to Mjärdevi Science Park and make sure that your team is signed up!
  • When the relay is coming up, please organize collection of start numbers etc yourselves!

Enjoy the happening!



Lunch workouts – free try-out classes

In co-operation with Korpen, we offer effective workouts three lunches a week in Ericsson’s gym. It is suitable for all, whether you are young or old, woman or man, as well as fit or just ready to get fit.
This offer can be combined with Korpen’s Collegium classes.
Free try-out weeks 34 and 35!

Read more here on how to book seats and how to buy memberships.


Triathlon championships, Stockholm 27th August 2017

Hi all Triathletes

Here’s an invitation to the Ericsson Championships in Triathlon, Sunday 27th August in Stockholm.

The competition is part of  World Triathlon Stockholm, Sweden’s biggest Triathlone competition.

 Each and everyone of you interrested, please sign up directly to the competition and also notify  lars.brosell[at] with a mail that you participate in the Ericsson championships. 

There are two distances, olympic and sprint.

More information is found here:

The Ericsson specifics is found here:

Note that you may get partly reimbursed by using your health account if you still have money left!

If you also post me a mail: henrik.xx.lindkvist[at] I may dispatch the info to other participants from Linköping for common travelling.

Blodomloppet 2017

Don’t miss the big Happening in Linköping the 1st June!

Collect and submit your team of five using before 12th May.

Mix a team with colleagues doing the 5 km jogging, walking or 10 km running.

If you don’t have any team you’re free to contact me *before* signing on the web and I will divide you into teams. And you will get some picnic time with your colleagues 🙂

You need to pay your fee by yourselves, since EACIF is not able to sponsor.

However, EAC IF will have a tent at Blodomloppet also this year for enjoying your picnic or leaving bags. The tent will have someone from EACIF checking your stuff during all evening.



Free try-out of lunch workouts and yoga

In co-operation with Korpen, we offer effective workouts three lunches a week in Ericsson’s sports hall. It is suitable for all, whether you are young or old, woman or man, as well as fit or just ready to get fit.
This offer can be combined with Korpen’s Collegium classes.
Additionally, Roya Elyasi holds yoga classes on Monday afternoon and Thursday lunch.
Free try-out classes at Ericsson premises weeks 2 and 3:
  • Korpen work-out classes
  • Yoga  one free class

Read more here on how to book seats and how to buy memberships. Note that there are separate memberships for the yoga and the workout classes.