Mjärdevistafetten 2015

Here’s an invitation to Mjärdevistafetten: http://www.mjardevi.se/sv/press-media/tavlingar/1361-mjardevistafetten

EACIF members do not need to pay for the registration!

Please do as follows:

  • Join a group of four and choose which class to participate in.
  • Check out, but do not register, the needed info to privide in the web registration of Mjärdevi Science Park:
  • Inform Henrik  (henrik.xx.lindkvist@ericsson.com) about the team members and other info needed according to the site.
  • Henrik will make sure that your team is registered.
  • When the relay is coming up, please organize collection of start numbers etc yourselves!

Good luck with your summer training!



Ericsson championships 2015, Winter sports

Welcome to sign up for the marvelously fun “Ericssonmästerskapen i skidor 2015” 29/1 – 1/2!

All info is available in the Swedish invitation: INBJ_EriMskidor2015.

The cost is including everything except daily food!

1700:- per person including travel, living, ski card(3 days) and Saturday night party.

Or 1100:- per person for those not needing any ski card.

Drop a mail with your sign up information no later than 13/12 to henrik.xx.lindkvist@ericsson.com.

Include wanted participation (sports and class) and add additional info, e.g. “I want to live with my friends …. in a 4 bed appartment”.