Cross country skiing at Vreta or Sya ski tracks

It is winter season and EACIF can proudly present “VIP-cards 2018-19” for cross country skiing.
This year the news is that there is 3 cards for Vreta SkiCenter and 1 card available for Sya Skidstadion. This means that when bringing one of the cards,  you can go cross-country skiing for free on the following ski trails:

  • Vreta Kloster Golf Course (using one of the Vreta cards)
  • Vreta loop (using one of the Vreta cards)
  • Olstorp (using one of the Vreta cards)
  • Sya Skidstadion (using the Sya card)

The VIP-cards are booked online at:

Please book the card for the wanted track  (Vreta or Sya).

The VIP-cards are placed in the KB-building at the old reception, next to the golf-cards.

Check  out the trials at  or Scroll down for the track status!
The tracks are already opened for skiing as of  13th of December.

The card booking rules are the following:

A card can be used by one person per day.

– The cards are to be used for members of EACIF.

– One active reservation per member at a given time. It’s not allowed to book several dates at the same time.

– Exception to the following rule: Non-booked cards after 16:00 the day before can be booked by someone who has already booked a card.

– Booked cards shall be back at Ericsson no later than 08:00 the next day.

– During weekends you are free to arrange your own handover of the VIP-cards yourselves to the following colleague, possibly without the need to return the cards to E-son Friday or Saturday evening.
The person bringing the card from the E-son premises is as always responsible for the card being back in place at Ericsson.

Please enjoy!

/EACIF through Henrik Lindkvist