Mjärdevistafetten 2019

Walk, run, stroll or sprint around Mjärdevi in your team of four.

Mingle with colleagues from E-son, Mjärdevi companies and all other participants.

Wear a colorful costume and win prizes:
•Blue: 4 x KLM flight tickets to anywhere in the world
•Orange: 4 x Fund shares in Swedbank
•Green: 4 x Gym cards at Korpen

Sign up a team of four using this web page: https://anmalmig.nu/kundsida/8c26326b-c165-4aeb-b542-3f34b1852d59/

The relay is free for all EACIF members

Please do as follows before 28/8:

  • Join a group of four and choose which class to participate in.
  • Go to the Ericsson signing-up web site: https://anmalmig.nu/kundsida/8c26326b-c165-4aeb-b542-3f34b1852d59/
  • Decide uponClass : [Women, Men, Mixed, Walking, Exercise]
    Teamname :
    Team member # 1 :
    Team member # 2 :
    Team member # 3 :
    Team member # 4 :
  • Add contact info to the team coach
    Team choach :
    E-mail address:
  • When the relay is coming up, please organize collection of start numbers etc yourselves!

To find out more about the Relay and all please see the organizers website (unfortunately in swedish) https://mjardevi.se/event/mjardevistafetten-3/

Enjoy the happening!