Idre Fjäll invites to the Ericsson Winter Championships 2/2 – 5/2 2017

Welcome to sign up for the enjoyable “Ericssonmästerskapen i skidor 2017” 2/2 – 5/2!
The event is targeting everyone who wants to enjoy three days in the swedish mountains with colleagues from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Germany during winter and do sking at some kind of level. No need for any special skills 🙂

All info is available in the Swedish invitation: EsonChampionships_Idre_2017

The cost includes everything except daily food:

1100:- per person including travel, living and Saturday night party for those not needing any alpine ski card.
1700:- per person  for those needing also an alipne ski card(3 days).

  1. Drop a mail with your interrest (no firm signing) to participate to This will make preliminary plans regarding e.g. buses easier!
  2. Drop a mail with your *firm* signing to the latest 18/12

Please include wanted participation (sports and class) and additional info, e.g. “I want to live with my friends X, Y and Z…. in an appartment”.