Gympa & Yoga

Whoever you are – Young or old – Woman or man – Fit or just ready to get fit – You are welcome to join the fun!

 Day time classes 2024 start in Junuary

Location: by the Ericsson gym (house CA “Motionshallen”)

To join the fun, please sign up for classes in advance. Please don’t forget to unregister without delay if you can’t attend.

See more below for registration and fees.


Book via Korpen here. Each class can be booked 7 days in advance. Please don’t forget to unregister without delay if you can’t attend.

Generally, to be able to reserve and participate in the Korpen led classes you need a Korpen Collegium “gruppträning” membership or 10 class punch card which you can order through Benify. Search for “Korpen Collegium”.

If you just want to try it out, you can use the “one week free training” offered in the Korpen webshop (valid for Collegium and Ericsson classes).

We also kindly ask you to join EACIF.

Join the workout classes

Create an account and join EACIF gympa team in sportmember here.

Download the app or use the web interface to see the schedule and register/unregister for classes.

Also, before going to the class, make sure that the instructor task is assigned.


The classes are free of charge for all EACIF members, so please to join EACIF.

The sportmember account is free of charge.


Lena and Helena normally take turns in instructing classes, but others are welcome to instruct a class. Click on the class in sportmember and assign yourself to the instructor class.

Instructor guides and classes are available at: zgympa-instructor sharepoint.


Gympa Distribution list

The outlook distribution list “EAC IF Gympa (EAB)” is used for workout and yoga information. It is a quick way to distribute class change info etc.

Contact Kristina Petersson or Lena Selberg to register/unregister to/from this list.