Welcome to the football section!

Section leader: Hampus Tjäder
Futsal responsible: Hampus Tjäder

    • EACIF futsal (indoor football)
    • Korpen futsal league
  • Korpen football league
Why join:

Futsal & football is fun – even if you are new to it!
You’ll make new friends from work!
We do after-works!


You get some cardio.
It’s ridiculously cheap (EACIF membership – 105 SEK per year via
We have awesome Ericsson jerseys.

EACIF futsal/indoor football 

Tuesdays 11-12 at Collegium (spring 2019)
Thursdays 11-12 at Collegium

If you are an EACIF member and want to join, send an email to Hampus Tjäder ( and he we will add you to the list.

Registration is done on a weekly basis via First come first served.

There is a limit set to 14 participants per event in order to keep reasonable number of subs and to load balance.

Korpen futsal 2018-2019

Ericsson did not participate due to lack of players.
The intention is to enter a team for 2019/2020 season in autumn 2019

Korpen football

Ericsson did not participate due to lack of players.