All cross country skiing interrested in EACIF now have access to VIP-cards for going on skis at Vreta Ski Center:

EACIF has bought half-day VIP cards that enables booking a ski pass on either one of three slots before lunch (05-13) or one of three slots in the afternoon (13-22).

New for this year is that the old cross country booking system on does not apply anymore since Vreta has invested in a new mobile based ticket system with an own mobile app (Outby, to be found on Appstore/Google Play).

EACIF-members have access to the mobile based system, where you first need to register to the EACIF’s VIP-group to being able to book a ski pass and “buy” it for 0:- via swish in the app.

To get access to the VIP-card group there is a need to enter a Secret when registering.

Please reach out to me and I will give you that.

Here’s a description on how to register to the group and book a VIP-card, unfortunately in Swedish:

Have a nice skiing!